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Doodle Jump is a fun jumping game developed by Lima Sky

gameplay Edit

In Doodle Jump you play as the Doodler a green alien like creature who jumps from platform to platform avoiding obstacles such as cracked tiles, monsters, UFOs and black holes. You move the Doodler by tilting the device and you can shoot at the monsters and UFOs by tapping on the screen in the desired direction. There are several power ups that you can get in the game including a shield, spring shoes, propellers hats, jetpack and in some versions a rocket.


Doodle Jump is often updated with Lima Sky releasing different versions of the game that you can play they include

  • Original: the original game the Doodler shoots some sort of pellet when tapped
  • Space: An outer space version that features the Doodler in a space suit the rocket power up appears in this version the Doodler shoots lasers when tapped
  • Under Water: takes place underwater with the Doodler in a diving suit he shoots bubble when tapped
  • Football: a soccer version that features the Doodler in a soccer uniform going through different countries with monsters based on that country he shoots soccer balls when tapped
  • Halloween V1: the first Halloween version featuring the Doodler as Frankenstein's monster he shoots some kind of pellet when tapped
  • Jungle: Doodler is wearing a jungle explorer's outfit first version to feature changing weather with lightning flashing from time to time the Doodler shoots green pellets when tapped
  • Halloween V2: the second Halloween version the Doodler appears as a ghost and has a small circle of light around him the rest of the game appears dark you cannot see what the Doodler shoots when tapped
  • Christmas: Doodler appears dressed as Santa Claus the rocket power up also appears in this version the Doodler shoots out snow balls when tapped (a longer version of this appears in it's own Doodle Jump Christmas game)
  • Easter: The Doodler appears as a bunny and shoots Easter eggs when tapped can only be unlocked by typing "bunny" (without the quotes) as your name
  • Pocket God: The Doodler is replaced by a Pocket God character who shoots coconuts when tapped can only be unlocked by typing "Ooga, Klik or Klak" as your name
  • Creeps: same as original but the monsters are replaced with the Creeps monsters can only be unlocked by typing "Creeps" as your name

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